NBA lineup for 1/6/2014

Tonight there are limited options for a lineup, so it may be a difficult day to play. That being said, I really like Brandon Knight against Phoenix tonight. He may have the best night of any player. Also look for Eric Bledsoe to have a good night on the other side of the match up. Sleeper pick i Danny Green, its nights like this where he breaks out,

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nba 1-6-2015

NBA lineup for 1/5/2015

There are some great value picks today that I’m going to try. The Cavaliers are in strange position without Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. I think this will work out well for Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson who have already increased their rolls in the absence of James. For a more traditional pick, I really like Stephen Curry against the Thunder, I’m pretty sure any pick from this game would be good. Andrew Wiggins is also set for a big night at home against the Nuggets.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 1-5-2015

NBA lineup for 1/4/2014

Today I really like the showdown in Cleveland with Kyrie Irving and Rajon Rondo. Both teams have had defensive issues, so we should see plenty of points and assists. With the Lakers continuing to struggle, I think Kobe Bryant is going to put them on his back and have a huge game against the Pacers. My sleeper pick of the day is Rudy Gay at Detroit.

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nba 1-4-2015

NFL lineup for 1/4/2015

Today should be a better day for offense than yesterday. I’m going with the underdog Matthew Stafford at QB. He has a real upside and I think he will have a breakout game today in a shootout against the Cowboys. DeMarco Murray will continue to be himself and put up the best RB numbers out there. Dez Bryant and T.Y. Hilton should both see the benefit of two shootouts today.

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nfl 1-4-2015

NBA lineup for 1/3/2015

Tonight I once again like Chris Paul to light up the 76er’s. I think he is set for a nice run of fantasy points. I also like Kemba Walker at Orlando, this should be a high scoring game on both sides. Andrew Wiggins also seems to be coming into his own and is still a pretty good value.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 1-3-2015