NFL lineup for 12/28/2014

Week 17 should be a wild one in the NFL. I tried to find as many players as possible that were playing for something. I think Cam Newton has the mot to play for and is the best option to have a big game. I also like his price. On the flip side , look to Mike Wallace to put up some stat padding numbers against the Jets. I also like Jeremy Hill to continue his streak of great numbers.


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nfl 12-27-14

NBA lineup 12/27/2014

I really like the balance in tonight’s lineup, with Stephen Curry as the main superstar. I also like Derrick Favors to have huge night against the Sixers, who have been horrible on the road. I like the tag team duo of Luol Deng and Mario Chalmers to pick up the Heat tonight as well.

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nba 12-27-2014

NBA lineup 12/26/2014

Tonight I’m going with a few under the radar picks in hope of a few breakout games. I’m looking to Andrew Wiggins for a big game tonight at Denver, along with Mo Williams. This game should actually be a high scoring affair. La Marcus Aldridge also has a great match up tonight, look for him to be one of the top scorers tonight. For the value, I really have been liking Dion Waiters as a sleeper pick.

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nba 12-26-2014

NBA lineup 12/25/2014

Today is the true kick off for the NBA season and there are some great match ups to take advantage of. Russell Westbrook has become an almost automatic start in most leagues. Today will be a great opportunity for him to put up monster numbers on a big stage. I also like Carmelo Anthony, a player who thrives on big situations like this. I like Tristan Thompson as a sleeper pick, he should have increased value now that his role has increased.

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nba 12-25-2014

NBA lineup 12/23/2014

For tonight’s lineup I will be going back to Rajon Rondo for a big game. This should be a favorable match up against the Suns. I also think LeBron James will breakout tonight as a warm up for Christmas day. Still liking Mareese Speights as well, great opportunity against the Lakers.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 12-23-2014