NBA lineup 12/19/2014

Tonight I have put together a lineup of players who very hot right now. Russell Westbrook should continue and maybe improve his run (depending on Kevin Durant’s injury). Dwyane Wade has also turned back time and went on a run this last week. Also, look for Kemba Walker to have a big game against the Sixers tonight.

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nba 12-19-2014

NBA lineup 12/18/2014

There may be fewer games tonight, but there sure is not a lack of talent. The Warriors vs. Thunder game should be a wild offensive affair and for once I’m going with Golden State players over OKC. I think this is a big game them, so I went with 4 Warriors in my lineup. This allowed me to also go with the red hot James Harden, who is a must start in any league.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 12-18-2014

NBA lineup 12/17/2014

Tonight offers a great opportunity for some lesser names to shine. That being said, I am still throwing James Harden in the mix since it is hard to keep him out of any lineup. He has pretty much scored the amount of two players each time out this year. Enes Kanter was a guy who was not on my radar, but now will be included in many of my lineups after his monster game last night.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 12-17-2014

NBA lineup 12/16/2014

Tuesday night should be a high scoring night for fantasy basketball. I continue to turn to Russell Westbrook to put up big numbers and he should have no problem against a Kings team who just fired their coach. I also like the Warriors and Grizzlies game to be high scoring as well, Klay Thompson is in line for a huge night.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 12-16-2014


NFL lineup for week 15 (Sunday only)

Form my Sunday only picks I am going ball control heavy. LeVeon Bell and C.J. Anderson will both receive major work load assignments today, and that is a good thing for fantasy owners. The only break out performance I see today is Matthew Stafford, who is playing at home against the Vikings. This may be the year the Lions make a playoff run and it may start today.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nfl 12-14-14