NBA lineup 12/13/2014

Today I am going with a balanced lineup, with the hope that a few players will over-perform. Blake Griffin and Damian Lillard both have favorable match ups, so I look at them as my anchors on this team. I’m still liking what Nicolas Batum has been doing, so hopefully we see more of the same tonight.

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nba 12-13-2014


NBA lineup 12/12/2014

Once again I will be going with Russell Westbrook as the anchor of my lineup. Now that OKC is back to full strength and needing to make a run to get to the playoffs, his numbers should be some of the best in the league. I am also going to capitalize on a Cleveland lineup that may not include LeBron James by going with Kevin Love. Also, I have a feeling that Danny Green will catch fire tonight against L.A.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only


nba 12-12-2014

NFL lineup for week 15

After a lackluster performance last week, I am going with Peyton Manning at QB. There is no way he will go two weeks in a row without a big game. To hedge my bet, I have also picked up C.J. Anderson. I have a feeling that this week is going to be a low scoring week around the league, so I tried to find some less obvious picks. I really like Coby Fleener, it’s been a while since he’s broke out, no better time than week 15.

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nfl 12-11-14

NBA lineup 12/11/2014

Thursday nights are always fun for watching the NBA, but tonight should be a treat. As you can see with the players I have selected below, I think that OKC is going to put up some good numbers tonight. I’m not sure that Cleveland has their defense in a good enough place to handle Westbrook and Durant. Later on, I really like the trio of players from Sacramento to put up some numbers.

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nba 12-11-2014

NBA lineup 12/10/2014

Wednesday I will by going back to a bigger lineup, it is hard to leave Anthony Davis out and I refuse to do so against Dallas. I also like Donald Sloan to step up, as the Clippers are known to give up a few points. Also think Andrew Wiggins will have a big night with a showdown Portland.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 12-10-2014