NBA lineup 12/23/2014

For tonight’s lineup I will be going back to Rajon Rondo for a big game. This should be a favorable match up against the Suns. I also think LeBron James will breakout tonight as a warm up for Christmas day. Still liking Mareese Speights as well, great opportunity against the Lakers.

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nba 12-23-2014

NBA lineup 12/22/2014

Now that Rajon Rondo has settled in for Dallas I am really liking what he can do for them. Out west, there is a great match up between Golden State and Sacramento. Klay Thompson and Marreese Speights are in line for huge nights.  On the other side of the ball I like Rudy Gay to fight back for the Kings. Forget fantasy leagues, the Warriors and Kings game should be great for uptempo basketball.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 12-22-2014

NFL lineup 12/21/2014 (Sunday only)

With the Bears in full meltdown mode, I really like Matthew Stafford. With the Bears offense in such disarray, the Lions offense should be on the field a ton today. The best matchup of the day is going to be Odell Beckham Jr. at the Rams. He should be able to torch them on their own turf. Also liking the Raiders defense at home against the Bills. Cross country games tend to get ugly.


*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

NFL 12-21-2014

NBA lineup 12/21/2014

Today I see a few key match ups that could lead to some great games. Dwyane Wade continues to play well and should be up for a big game against the “Rondoless” Celtics. Another guard I like is John Wall. He should be in triple double mode against the Suns. A sleeper pick that I really like is Shabazz Muhammad.

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nba 12-21-2014

NFL lineup 12/20/2014 (Saturday only)

The two games tonight should be very entertaining, with some pretty clear picks. I like Phillip Rivers to have a big game against the banged up San Francisco defense. I will note that I have picked the 49ers deffense to hedge this bet, as they have been known to surprise people in the past. LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin should be key to a big victory for the Eagles in the early game.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nfl 12-20-2014