Free MLB Draftkings Lineup Advice For 7/6/2017

Gio Gonzalez has been very consistent this year and will be well worth the salary tonight. Rich Hill is a solid second option and should have a good outing as well. My value pick is Hanley Ramirez, look for him to have a good night at the plate.My sleeper pick is Alex Bregman, look for him to have a couple of solid games going into the weekend.

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Free MLB Fanduel Lineup Advice For 7/6/2017

Gio Gonzalez has gotten better and better over the past 2 months and is a actually a nice value tonight. Look for him to do more of the same against the Braves. My sleeper pick is Alex Bregman, I think he will have a good streak this week. My value pick is Carlos Santana, he has a great pitching match up.

Picks made on this site are for entertainment only.

3 Things To Look For In A Value Daily Fantasy Baseball Pitcher

value pitcher dfs

It’s easy to pick Max Scherzer or Clayton Kershaw, but the amount of salary they take up makes it very hard to field a lineup on Fan Duel or Draft Kings. That’s why knowing how to find value picks is key to a high scoring lineup. Below are tips that will help you identify great value pitching options.


A big part of scoring is good old strikeouts, and knowing who can rack up the K’s can go a long way.  You will want to look at a pitchers last 3-4 outings and see how they are getting hitters out. If they are consistency striking hitters out, you may be in business. Then you need to take a look at the current game match up and decide if the pitcher can have similar success.


Looking at past performances, has the pitcher lived up to his salary? If the pitcher has lived up to his salary over the past 3-4 starts that’s a good sign. You will want to make sure that his salary hasn’t increased too much over the past few starts to avoid them now being on the radar.

Unwritten Rules

Just like regular baseball there are fantasy unwritten rules. If you know a pitcher struggles against a certain team it is best to lay off them, even if they have been on fire. Also watch for teams who have hurt players, theres nothing more annoying to a pitcher than having star players out and no-one good left in the lineup to get runs. Lastly, has the pitchers past few outings been to good to be true? If the pitcher has been historically not a good option, you may want to wait a few more starts before taking a chance on them.

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