NFL lineup for week 15 (Sunday only)

Form my Sunday only picks I am going ball control heavy. LeVeon Bell and C.J. Anderson will both receive major work load assignments today, and that is a good thing for fantasy owners. The only break out performance I see today is Matthew Stafford, who is playing at home against the Vikings. This may be the year the Lions make a playoff run and it may start today.

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nfl 12-14-14

NBA lineup 12/14/2014

Today I’m pretty much going all in on western conference players and games. It was hard for me to pass on Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant when they are playing Phoenix. I also like how the Lakers, yes the Lakers, have played since Kobe Bryant exploded on his own teammates. Look for Nick Young to step up his scoring even more and Jeremy Lin to come off the bench and cause trouble.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 12-14-2014

NBA lineup 12/13/2014

Today I am going with a balanced lineup, with the hope that a few players will over-perform. Blake Griffin and Damian Lillard both have favorable match ups, so I look at them as my anchors on this team. I’m still liking what Nicolas Batum has been doing, so hopefully we see more of the same tonight.

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nba 12-13-2014


NBA lineup 12/12/2014

Once again I will be going with Russell Westbrook as the anchor of my lineup. Now that OKC is back to full strength and needing to make a run to get to the playoffs, his numbers should be some of the best in the league. I am also going to capitalize on a Cleveland lineup that may not include LeBron James by going with Kevin Love. Also, I have a feeling that Danny Green will catch fire tonight against L.A.

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nba 12-12-2014

NFL lineup for week 15

After a lackluster performance last week, I am going with Peyton Manning at QB. There is no way he will go two weeks in a row without a big game. To hedge my bet, I have also picked up C.J. Anderson. I have a feeling that this week is going to be a low scoring week around the league, so I tried to find some less obvious picks. I really like Coby Fleener, it’s been a while since he’s broke out, no better time than week 15.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nfl 12-11-14