NBA lineup for 1/10/2015

Interesting night in the NBA, with a lot of lesser known players providing value. Kyle Lowry is on the borderline of becoming a superstar, he should have a monster night against Boston. Also liking Nicolas Batum, I have played him from time to time this year and he’s been good. The one big name I’m going with is Blake Griffin, great match up with the Mav’s.

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nba 1-10-2015

NBA lineup for 1/9/2015

I have a feeling that tonight is going to be the Russell Westbrook show once again. Really like the match up against Utah. I have filled the rest of my picks with sleepers to try and catch lightning in a bottle. Kyle Korver is a great value, along with his teammate DeMarre Carroll. Look for the Hawks to slow down the Pistons. Tobias Harris is also a guy who has been heating up lately, look for a big game from him tonight.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 1-9-2015

NBA lineup for 1/8/2015

Thursday night I am going with a guard heavy lineup that should pay off. I first like Kemba Walker at Toronto. Walker has really carried the Hornets this year. The matchup I really like though, is Miami at Portland. Dwyane Wade has put up some quality numbers recently and faces Damian Lillard, who is another top pick. I hoping for an old school shootout tonight. Sleeper pick tonight is Amir Johnson.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 1-8-2015

NBA lineup for 1/7/2015

I really like Russell Westbrook to go off tonight in Sacremento, this game should be a fun one to watch. I’m also sticking with Andrew Wiggins tonight, he has been a great value over the past few weeks. Also, look for Dirk Nowitzki to have a turn back the clock night and put up good numbers against Detroit.

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 1-7-2015

NBA lineup for 1/6/2014

Tonight there are limited options for a lineup, so it may be a difficult day to play. That being said, I really like Brandon Knight against Phoenix tonight. He may have the best night of any player. Also look for Eric Bledsoe to have a good night on the other side of the match up. Sleeper pick i Danny Green, its nights like this where he breaks out,

*picks made on this site are for entertainment only

nba 1-6-2015